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A wedding album... why bother?

Well, for those of you who are not yet married, let me explain something for a minute.

On average, for a full day wedding booking, I usually take over 3000 images. Yes, over 3000! If you choose a package that includes a second photographer or add one on, then that number can go up to 5000!

One of the hardest parts of my job, is narrowing those images down to around 500. This is the typical average number of images I deliver to my clients.

But still, 500 images is a lot. Think about it, even if you've got all your images downloaded on your laptop, or stowed away in a draw on a USB stick, how often are you going to sit down and go through ALL 500 images?


So this is where the beauty of a wedding album really shines through. Your album, will not only be beautiful, ideal for having on display at home, it will contain your absolute favourite images from the day. Your wedding highlights.

So your anniversary comes around, your first Christmas as a married couple. Your child wants to see mummy & daddy on their wedding day. You don't open up the laptop and trawl your way through 500 digital images. You pick up your album and relive the whole day from start to finish.

The best bits from your day, the emotions, the guests, the decorations, the flowers, the venue, everything you spent time and money on and poured so much effort in to, it's all there. Printed, bound, and beautifully presented.

Your wedding day is an entity in itself. You wouldn't leave anything about it half finished would you? And yet that's essentially what you're doing when you don't print your images. You're leaving your wedding photography unfinished. Why spend thousands on photographs that you don't print out, you don't frame and hang on the wall, and you can't look back over in a stunning album?

Let's imagine an absolute worst case scenario. Your laptop breaks, your usb corrupts, or there's a house fire. You don't hear of people running back into a burning building to save a USB stick do you? (I KNOW there will be couples out there who don't even know where their wedding USB stick is!). But you do hear of people running back into burning buildings to save photo albums. And that speaks volumes.

So there's a little food for thought. And if any of my couples are reading this and thinking, maybe we should invest in an album. Get in touch! I make the whole process super simple, I handle the design and layout, all I need from you is around 60 images from your special day.

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