Alfie | Cake Smash Photoshoot


I had the pleasure of seeing the GORGEOUS Alfie again for his Cake Smash photoshoot. I last saw Alfie at the start of the year when he was only a few months old and we did some natural baby portraits in a home setting.
This time he came to me at my studio for his 1st birthday cake smash!

Alfie had slept all the way here in the car (nearly a two-hour journey!) and was fed as soon as he arrived so we had a well rested, full and very happy baby!

We started off with some simple but gorgeous baby portraits, Alfie looked very smart in his outfit and was giving us some cheeky smiles as he tried to crawl off the backdrop! I even managed to persuade mum and dad to get in for a few shots, and let’s be honest, they’re a pretty good looking family!

Next it was on to the cake smash! Alfie’s parents had provided the cake which was very impressive and went really well with the colour scheme we had chosen. Alfie rocked his cake smash outfit, also bought by mum and dad, although he wasn’t the biggest fan of his bow tie!

Babies often don’t enjoy the actual smashing of the cake as it’s not something they’re used to and the icing can be too sweet for them (which is why it’s good to give them some a few days before to get them used to it). I had made mum and dad aware of this and advised them to bring some of Alfie’s favourite snacks to hide in the back of the cake. This worked a treat, and although we all thought skips and icing probably wasn’t the best combination, Alfie seemed to love it!

Once the cake was suitably smashed and Alfie was nicely covered in cake and icing, we popped him in a little bubble bath, turned on the bubble machine and got some seriously gorgeous smiles. He did start off with a little pout but mum played and sang along to baby shark and he thought this was hilarious! (as did I!). I LOVE it when parents get really into the shoot and do anything and everything they can to get baby to smile – it makes such a difference! There’s no place for being conscious or worrying about looking silly at a baby photoshoot!

Take a look at some of the images from the shoot below:

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