Boudoir Photography | Pricing

Boudoir Photography | Pricing

Q: How Much is a boudoir session?

A: £65

This question is usually followed by – and what’s included in that?

Your £65 pays for the session itself, you’re paying for my time, my expertise and knowledge in lighting, flattering poses, the best angles. You’re paying for my experience as a boudoir photographer. You’re paying for a shoot that usually lasts between 1-2 hours. And perhaps most importantly you’re paying for your images to be edited. I know there is some stigma around image retouching (I’ll cover that in another blog), and I would always ask how much skin smoothing you would like, and work with you to create the best possible images that you will love. But what it comes down to is that ALL your images will be edited to a professional standard, ready for you to view them. And this adds on around another 3-4 hours, all included in the price of your session.

Not to mention all the boring stuff like use of equipment, running costs of studio, admin time to book in, send preparation guides, etc. And all of that gets repeated when you come back for your view and order session.

For some reason with photography, there’s this thought process that people go through whereby they feel like something should be included in the session fee, if not ALL images.

This is something I’ve always struggled to understand. I mean, you wouldn’t have a new kitchen fitted, pay the labour costs and just expect the joiner to throw in cupboards, handles, drawers, an oven etc for free – would you?

I want to be completely transparent with my pricing, I make it perfectly clear in my booking confirmation that £65 covers your shoot, products (digital, prints, albums) start from £25, with the average spend being between £300-£500.

Now some people will stop reading here because those prices are too high, but let me explain something for a moment (and hey to you if you’re still reading this essay!) in comparison to some other companies – those prices are not expensive. AT ALL.

I know others in the industry (and I really am aware of these people, we all have big groups on facebook in which we chat about and share pricing structures etc) that charge £250 for the session alone – then their digital packages start at £700. I know photographers who charge £90 for a single digital file.

I have to admit, even to me I sometimes think – really? £90 for one digital image?! But what we have to remember is that once that digital file is sold, that photographer will never make another penny off that image. That client can share it as much as they like, post it to social media, have it on their phone, and make as many prints from it as many times as they wish.

Suddenly when you put it like that, £90 seems kinda cheap to me too.

But what you have to remember about BOUDOIR specifically is that it’s a once in a lifetime experience.

 I know of very very few people who would ever do more than one boudoir shoot in their life.

You are only going to look this good for so long, and you’ll never be this young again. So why wouldn’t you document it?
I’ve once had a client say to me “ do you know what? That was worth every penny because now I can get married, have kids and let myself go, and I’ll always know that once I looked this good” – I think she was joking? But still – her point is valid.

Women spend so much money on STUFF, but when it’s an investment in yourself, suddenly it’s all – oh, I’m not sure I can spend that much on ME! – WHY NOT?! You should be your No.1 investment

I know people who spend £5 per day on lunch, that’s £100 per month frittered away on food when they could have probably made something at home from the shopping that they’ve also spent £100 on.

I myself, used to spend £80 every 6ish weeks on having my hair cut and coloured (my god how I miss living at home with a completely expendable income!)

Ladies spend £50 per month having beauty treatments done – waxing, brows, nails, massage etc.

This is all stuff that is temporary.

Your images will last FOREVER.

To me – that’s a well worthwhile investment.