Commercial Photography | Headshots, Products and More

Commercial Photography | Headshots, Products and More

Commercial Photography covers a lot of basis.

For Lumiere, commercial photography covers:

– Product photography
– Business headshots
– Property photography
– Automotive Photography
– Fashion Photography

Within those categories, are subcategories.
Fashion/Product photography can be e-commerce – often on a white background, basic images detailing the product, ideal for clean website imagery. Or is can be lifestyle – products being used/documented in “real life” situations and set ups.

Business headshots, it this white background, one picture for my linkedin profile or a “meet the team” website page? Or are we talking a branding shoot, documenting you, your business, perhaps even your products too.

I cover the whole lot.

I have a broad range of experience which allows us to cover all of these different avenues of photography. Previous experience doing e-commerce photography for Dorothy Perkins has set me up nicely to be able to undertake a variety of product and fashion work.
And portrait work has allowed us to transfer those skills into branding photography.

In my old job at a recruitment firm, they asked me to take some new headshots for the website, and that’s what sparked my decision to leave the company as I knew as soon as I had the camera back in my hand that this is what I should really be doing.

Doug’s continuing freelance work for Kahn Automobiles has made him an expert in automotive photography, not only photographing cars in cool locations, but also being able to photoshop cars into various locations to suit the brief.

Some of our most recent commercial work has been the following:

E-commerce swimwear fashion photography
Lifestyle swimwear fashion photography
Website images for a gas/heating company
E-commerce and lifestyle images for powerbanks
Business headshots for a local firm

We love continuing to build and expand on our commercial work.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements. We look forward to working with you!