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Commercial Photography Leeds-. I met with the guys at Parkstone after they posted on facebook looking for a local commercial photographer.

I was so so pleased to hear that these two wanted actual professional images for their new website! It’s so refreshing, rather than just using the same old stock photos that everyone in their industry will be using.
We discussed ideas and Bez came up with a website plan for how he wanted the images to look. He also knew which image would go on which part of the website. This was extremely helpful to me as I then knew if I’d be shooting for a standard crop, or a banner image.

We shot some “at work” scenes, some tool kit shots, and other “filler” shots such as branded paperwork, their snazzy branded vans and even did some arty focus shift on their branded clothing too!

Purely from the fact that they took the time and effort to organise and pay for professional images shows me that the take great care and pride in what they do. If they go to these lengths to do a good job with their website, I can only imagine the quality and professionalism that they approach their jobs with.

Check out what they do here: Parkstone – Yorkshire

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Here are some of the images from their shoot:

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