First Event Party | Commercial Photography

First Event Party | Commercial Photography

I got asked to do some commercial photography and shoot a Christmas party for First Event. I was approached by their office manager Catherine, who was a bride of ours last year!

I don’t get the opportunity to do much event photography so I was excited to get to work on this. I arrived at Leeds Tiled Hall (yes it’s a real place, in the main Art Gallery! I’ve lived in Leeds my entire life and never knew this place existed!) and got my lighting set up for the branded backdrop and red carpet entrance.

The staff got to pose in front of the step and repeat backdrop before heading into the main room for a drink and some food.

There was a small break where everyone went into a boardroom with a big projector and watched a slideshow which brought up a picture of a each member of staff, alongside a bit of text about what their awesome at, complete with some brilliant emojis! There was a round of applause for everyone and it was a great thing to see! First Event certainly seems like a fun place to work.

Then it was back to the other room for more drink, more food, and the wonderful Mark Waddington to shock and awe with his amazing magic skills. We’ve seen Mark at weddings before and he really is incredible, and the reactions of the guests make for the best photos!

Check out some highlights below:

Venue: Leeds Tiled Hall
Company: First Event
Magician: Mark Waddington
Photobooth: SloMoBooth