Fox Red Labrador | Shelby

My Fox Red Labrador! By now you’ve probably all seen some of the many images I’ve been posting on social media of Shelby, my new puppy.

I got Shelby when she was 8 weeks old. I travelled down to Hertfordshire to choose her and pick her up, and have been completely in love ever since!

It’s been a hectic past few weeks having a puppy! Nothing can really prepare you. It’s been a case of constantly having eyes on her and checking what she’s doing. As a friend told me “silence is the worst sound in the world when you’ve got a puppy”. It’s true. I left her with a chew and she seemed quite happy entertaining herself. So off I went to make myself some lunch and thought after a while, she’s being very quiet. I went to check on her, only to find she was happily chewing our skirting board! It was absolutely ruined! But hey, it’s all a learning curve and I certainly won’t do that again!

From a photography point of view, it’s great having model available at all times! Dog photography is hard at the best of times but even harder when it’s a pup who doesn’t want to sit still and pose!  So far I’ve done one “proper” shoot with her against a backdrop using lights etc but otherwise I’ve got my camera out almost every day and try and get really natural shots of her playing in the garden. I feel the need to take pictures of her all the time due to the fact that she pretty much doubles in size each week!

Enjoy some of the shots I’ve captured of her so far…

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