A German Shepherd Photoshoot | Layna

A German Shepherd Photoshoot in a studio setting…

I had the stunning Layna in the studio for a pet photoshoot back in June. Lisa phoned me to book in and make use of her gift voucher that she had received as a Christmas present.
Having always had dogs, it was the perfect gift for her son to buy her.
Lisa had never had any of her dogs professionally photographed before and said she had always regretted it.

I’ve never done a German Shepherd Photoshoot before, and Layna set the bar exceptionally high! Usually pet portraits take around 45 minutes, but because Layna was so well behaved, we were done within 30 minutes!
Usually sessions consists of trying to get the dog to sit and then as the owner steps back so I can get the shot, the dog moves and we have to start again. Well not in this photoshoot!
Often lots of treats and bribery is involved but neither were needed with Layna, she just wanted to please us!

She obeyed every command instantly and gave us the cutest expressions the whole way through the shoot. We did a mixture of white, grey and black backgrounds and she suited every one!

When Lisa came back to view her images she “ohhed and ahhed” at them all and found it difficult to make her selection. In the end she chose one of Layna on the black background as her large wall art. She also selected a couple of others to be put on a USB stick.

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Here are some of the best shots from our German Shepherd Photoshoot: