Heather and Dan tied the knot at The Saddle Room in Leyburn back in 2019.

The Saddle Room is a stunning venue in the Yorkshire Dales with amazing views out over the countryside. When I arrived that morning Heather and the girls were busy getting ready, singing along to the Disney soundtrack that was playing. I could tell straight away they were in high spirits and very excited for the day ahead! 

It was a bit quieter over at groom prep - the boys were still excited but just enjoying their beer and helping each other tie their ties! As soon as they were ready they put on their flat caps (well, we’re in Yorkshire after all) and strolled over to the ceremony barn. 

As Dan greeted their guests, Heather was putting the finishing touches to her makeup & getting her stunning dress on. We had time for a few photos with her very proud and emotional Mum, and then it was time to go and get married! 

The Barn at The Saddle Room has a really lovely, rustic feel with exposed beams and stone brickwork. Dan was one of the most excited grooms I’ve ever seen, he couldn’t stop grinning and Heather laughed and cried her way through the ceremony! She managed to compose herself for the more serious part of the vows but as the registrar asked “are you free to marry?” Heather quickly replied “I am” before Dan chimed in with “But mostly you want to marry me...right?!” and set Heather off into fits of giggles again! 

Wedding portraits at The Saddle Room

Once the ceremony was over - and Heather and Dan had been hugged and congratulated by all of their guests - we whipped them away from the crowd for their couple portraits. The Saddle Room has so many beautiful locations we were spoilt for choice! 

After protesting that they hated having their picture taken Heather and Dan fully embraced everything we asked of them - including getting a little muddy. The photos were so worth it though. We even got photo bombed by a couple of ducks! 

One of my favourite parts of the day is the speeches. I love hearing the jokes and sentiment and, from a photography point of view, it’s brilliant to capture all the guests laughing and wiping away the odd tear or two. Lawrence, Heather’s brother, gave a fantastic speech and had most of the guests in tears before Dan stood up and said some words about Heather. He even gave us a mention, thanks Dan! 

We ended the night with a sparkler shot at Heather and Dan’s request. As soon as it was dark we went outside with their bridal party and made magic happen! 

Carry on scrolling for some of the highlights from their day at The Saddle Rooms. 

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