JJ & Charlotte | Horse Photography

JJ & Charlotte | Horse Photography

Charlotte contacted me about horse photography after having a bit of a scare with her horse JJ and thinking she was going to lose him.
JJ is 22 years old and Charlotte knows she maybe won’t have that long left with him, so she wanted to book in for an equine shoot to document JJ and have some pictures of him to treasure forever.

I arrived at the stables and once Charlotte had JJ looking all lovely, we took him out into the field to begin the session.
Now, I was expecting a very lethargic, steady old horse, who would plod along slowly. This is not JJ!

We wanted to get some nice portraits of JJ without his head-collar on, so Charlotte took it off and that was that! He kicked and bucked and galloped off across the field. I LOVED it because it made for some excellent photos, but it definitely wasn’t what anyone was expecting!

After his little crazy episode, we kept him on his head-collar and got some more relaxed shots of him on his own and JJ and Charlotte together.

Take a look at some highlights from the shoot below: