Product Photography | Powerbanks

Product Photography | Powerbanks

When Simon from PS Website Design got in touch to ask if we could do some product photography for him we were excited to say yes. As much as we love doing weddings and babies and boudoir and all the rest of it, products are, every so often, a breath of fresh air. You can fiddle with angles and lighting without worrying about keeping someone waiting, and you don’t have to wait for them to pose/smile – it’s great!

Simon explained that whilst he mainly wanted e-commerce shots (white background stuff), he also wanted some “lifestyle” shots which allowed for a little more creativity on our part.

We had three powerbanks to shoot and they looked super cool and very sleek which made our job a lot easier. Often the biggest part of e-comm photography is the retouching that goes into the images. We had to select the power banks and cut them out before placing them on a pure white background and then adding in shadows, removing dust/scratches and dropping in the LED display.

If you’ve got a product that you’d like photographing, get in touch via our website :

Take a look at what we managed to create below: