I had the absolute pleasure of capturing Steph & James' intimate, small wedding which took place in the cow stalls of The Normans Wedding Venue in York.

Jo from Clock Dandelion (an AMAZING florist who I've had the pleasure of working with before) got in touch with me on behalf of her son, James, who was due to get married in January 2019.
James & Steph were having a low key ceremony at The Normans in the cow stalls (as opposed to the normal fairy lights barn) for their "official" wedding, and they are having more of a "weddingy" wedding next year in Italy.

Due to the day being so cosy and relatively informal, Mr & Mrs Drake weren't planning on having a photographer at all, but lucky for me, Jo took matters into her own hands and booked me as a gift to them!

Honestly, it was one of my favourite weddings I've ever done!
Everyone was so nice, chilled, and welcoming. Those of you who have read my blogs before know how much of a difference it makes when the wedding party accept you into the day and treat you more as friend/family rather than "just" a photographer. The intimacy of the day was just gorgeous and I was so lucky to be a part of it.

I went to capture a few shots of Steph & her family in the "getting ready" stages and my second shooter went to capture the set up Jo had created at home. Jo had gone above and beyond with decorations, not only of the cow stalls at the venue, but also of her own home where the reception was to take place. The floral display was incredible, creating a stunning backdrop for the ceremony, complete with hanging lanterns and tea lights.

The rest of the day was beautiful, charged with emotion and laughter and it was just a thoroughly lovely day to be part of.

Check out some highlights from their day below:

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