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Boudoir Photography Leeds.
Alice came to my Leeds-based studio for her boudoir session a few months ago. She knew she wanted to have a boudoir shoot before her wedding in July so that she could surprise her husband-to-be with the pictures on the morning of their wedding!

Alice did EVERYTHING right in preparation for her boudoir shoot. I always send my clients a preparation guide but it's so nice when they follow my advice!
She'd gone out and bought new underwear (she got lots of lovely bits from Boux Avenue), she'd had her hair and nails done, and other than acquiring a huge bruise on her leg (an accident though!) she was ready to go!

As it was sort of a bridal boudoir shoot, we did the first set of images in a lighter coloured underwear set with more reserved poses and slightly softer lighting. We then moved on to darker sexier underwear and poses to match of course!

Alice absolutely rocked her session and loved her images! When she came back to her 'view and order' session she got 20 digital images and a huge framed piece of wall art that she surprised her husband with on the morning of their wedding!
When he saw me that day, he was very impressed and very grateful!

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Here at some highlights from Alice's shoot:

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