Hey Friend!
Double congrats, because one, you’ve successfully made it to my weddings page, and two, because if you’re here, you’re most likely engaged! 
Starting out planning a wedding can seem
D A U N T I N G  *AF*  right?
Fear not, it’s actually a pretty cool lifetime milestone and you should enjoy every minute of it! 

You’ve come here because you like my work and think I might be the wedding photographer for you. *Spoiler* … I probably am! 
I’m here to make your photographer selection as easy as possible and I know you’ll have questions so… 

  1. You want to see my pictures – cool –
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  3. You want to know about me, how I work, read some reviews – you guessed it –
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Simples. That’s my aim throughout the whole process of booking a wedding photographer…
keeping it simple.
Hopefully most of the info you’re looking for is listed below, but if not, shoot me an email via my contact form and let’s chat.
I’ll send you my full wedding brochure and answer any further questions you may have.