Want to be a boudoir photographer?Learn everything you need to know


1-2-1 Boudoir Photography Workshop£899 Full Day Training

With this one to one boudoir photography workshop, you’ll have my undivided attention for a whole day to learn how to create beautiful boudoir images.
I’ll be sharing everything I know with you, from getting started with your first client, all aspects of lighting and posing, right through to editing and presenting your images to your customer.
We’ll have a model for me to demonstrate how I shoot and for you to have hands on practise. You’ll walk away with some killer images for your portfolio – a fantastic starting point for your boudoir photography!

What You Will Learn:

– How to get started in boudoir photography
– Planning your first session
– How to prepare your client for their shoot
– Posing & directing your subject
– Putting your client at ease during the session
– All aspects of lighting your boudoir shoot with flash
– Full post production tutorial including culling, Lightroom and Photoshop

Who Is It For?

Newborn Photographers –
Add boudoir photography to your portfolio

Maternity Photographers 
Your transferrable skills from maternity (flattering posing & lighting) will give you a head start in boudoir

Wedding Photographers 
Offer boudoir photoshoots to your wedding clients

What my clients say...

"She Holds Nothing Back"

Training with Laura was incredible.

I absolutely loved the whole experience and learned so so much. I left her beautiful studio already planning the next one and know that this definitely won’t be my first and last training session.

She holds nothing back and gives you all the tools you need to start your journey in to boudoir photography.

If you’re thinking of adding this genre to your portfolio it’s quite simple – book a day with Laura.

You won’t regret it!

– Estelle | Empowered By Estelle Thompson

"I have come home feeling so confident and full of ideas"

I did my training with Laura yesterday and it is clear that not only is she incredibly knowledgeable and experienced in boudoir, but she’s an excellent trainer.
Having a very on off start to boudoir over the years, I came away from my session with ideas on how to streamline my own workflow, selling and pricing packages. Things that I have actually really struggled to simplify. I have come home feeling so confident and full of ideas, I feel like she’s truly reignited my love of boudoir again.
Laura is so easy to communicate with, so positive and supportive. I will definitely be keeping my eye out for further opportunities to train with her.Having travelled across the country from little old Norfolk and back again in 24 hours, I was not disappointed and would happily do it again in a heartbeat.
Thank you for being so transparent and open to share Laura. I’m so excited to see what else you do in the future and for those of you on the fence, get booked in and get booked up.

– Lacey | Authentically Lace Boudoir

"I could not be stepping into the world of Boudoir Photography without her training and support"

Laura’s one to one training is definitely worth it!
Before the training day, she is very clear on how the day is set up and gives good and frequent reminders on what to bring.
During training, Laura is concise with her instructions and explanation on what we are trying to achieve, as well as allowing room for your own creativity.
She is also friendly and approachable, making the mode, and myself as her client, feel comfortable and able to ask questions.
Once the model had left, we went through editing, the booking process and how to deal with clients at IPS, as well as giving details on her contracts and client prep guide.

I could not be stepping into the world of Boudoir Photography without her training and support. I highly recommend her training to anyone who is considering photographing this genre.

– Susan | Bonnie Pictures

"If you’re thinking of taking steps into boudoir photography, Laura’s training is a must!"

I attended Laura’s training with another photographer (who’s a close friend). Laura was happy to do a 2:1 for us.
We received information and a schedule on how the training would be planned out, Laura even included a couple of hotel recommendations (as we traveled down the night before)

Laura was super friendly and professional. We had a little time before the model turned up to go through things and prep.
Sophie was our model and was amazing! Laura went through lighting set up, posing and angles, explaining every step.
At the end of the session we then had time to go through editing, pricing, wall art and any questions we had.Laura had also supported me after the course with CC and any advice I’ve asked for, as well as a private FB page.If you’re thinking of taking steps into boudoir photography, Laura’s training is a must!

– Marie | Beautiful Boudoir Photography


No time like the present! With boudoir becoming more and more popular it’s the perfect time to up your game! Boudoir training sessions are only available Monday – Friday. Just fill in the contact form below.

Fill in the contact form below.

A non-refundable 25% deposit secures your booking with me. The remaining balance is due in full 2 weeks before your training day.

These training sessions are open to all levels of photographers from beginners just starting out to established professionals looking to add boudoir to their repertoire.

My studio is based in North/West Leeds on the border with Bradford. At this time I don’t travel for boudoir training.

You’ll need to bring your camera (including lens and memory card). You need a DSLR with a flash hotshoe. That’s it! You can use my lights, trigger & props.

Absolutely! You’ll create some kick ass images during our training so I’d love you to show them off! I do always suggest making clients aware the images are created during training.

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