Natural Family Photography

Stephanie got in touch with me in October after posting in a community group that she was looking for recommendations for “Natural Family Photography”.

At the time, I was running my “Autumn Mini Sessions”, which are a 45 minute shoot with three digitals included for £65, so that’s what we did! Steph and I chatted a little back and forth about what sort of style she would like she shoot to be, and possible locations.
When I mentioned that my studio was down in Esholt woods, she explained that she got married in Esholt, and her kids had been Baptised there so it was really special to them, making it the perfect location!

I was excited to find out that the shoot would include Stephanie and her husband, their two kids, and the dog! I knew right away I would end up with THOUSANDS of pictures!
In my head I was planning a family shoot, a couples shoot, siblings, plus individuals and to top it all off, a pet shoot thrown in for good measure!

The Nicholls’ arrived at the studio at 3pm as we had decided on a sunset session. We set off to go and find some great locations and the heavens opened on us! It rained for about the first half an hour but we still got some great shots. However, I knew I couldn’t end the session there. We carried on and went for a bit of a wander in the woods. That’s when the sun came out and created this gorgeous deep orange light coming through the trees which was EXACTLY what I had wanted!

We got some stunning shots and I, as predicted, took thousands of images. Take a look at their gallery highlights below:

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