A boudoir photoshoot... explained

So what is a boudoir photoshoot? In simple terms, it's a photoshoot, often done in underwear, topless or nude - or a mixture! If you're looking for a more in depth answer, a boudoir photoshoot is an investment in yourself, a celebration of your body. Something to instil you with a confidence you'll never let go of, and help you to see how beautiful you really are!


When should I book in for my shoot?

Now. No really... Now! I'd book as far in advance as you can.
What are you waiting for? Let me tell you, "the right time" doesn't exist. By all means, get yourself prepped. Book in for a haircut/nails appointment/ waxing etc, but other than that, get it booked!
If you're wanting the images for something in particular, for example, loads of my clients do their shoots as a gift for their partner, or a wedding/anniversary present, or even for themselves to celebrate a birthday. For these occasions, I'd advise booking in for your session at least 6 weeks in advance. This allows plenty of time for the photoshoot, viewing session, and to order any products you may wish to purchase. Wall art/albums etc can take up to 4 weeks to turn around.

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How do I prepare for my boudoir session?

I will send you out a full prep guide when you book in with me. It talks you through preparing your whole body, from eating well to waxing & exfoliation. Also included in the guide is advice on your boudoir photoshoot wardrobe. Plus those all important on-the-day tips, such as not wearing anything tight that will leave marks on your skin for the photoshoot.


What happens at the photoshoot?

A boudoir shoot typically lasts between 1-2 hours. If you're having hair & make up that will be done at the studio the hour before your session start time. Then we'll have a chat through your outfits, decide which ones will work best with which studio set ups, and get going! I'll guide you through the whole photoshoot, tell you how to pose and exactly what to do. You don't have to worry about a thing!


I can't pose/I'm not sexy!

Firstly, you can & you are! Secondly, I got you. I will not only tell you exactly how to pose, but I'll show you what I want you to do too. And don't worry about looking sexy. Most of the images you'll be looking down/eyes closed/ away from the camera. I won't ask you to pout or pull a "sexy" face at the camera! It'll be great fun, and you'll nail it. The only thing I will warn you of... it's HARD work. You may well feel like you've done a full body work out after the photoshoot!

What should I bring for my boudoir shoot?

Outfits you LOVE! I've also had clients bring in props to personalise their photoshoot - it can be something special or personal to you/your partner. Heels & accessories can really finish off an outfit too. You can also bring make up/moisturiser/deodorant etc so you're as comfortable as possible. But I do have similar bits to hand at the studio in case you forget!


How many outfits should I bring?

We'll aim to shoot 3 outfits, but you can bring as many as you'd like with you. I've had clients turn up to the studio with a suitcase that looks like they're moving in for the week! I'll help you narrow down your options to the best ones. I also have bits at the studio that you can use such as stockings/heels/body chains/bodysuits. If you're using any of my outfits for your session, you'll need to wear your own thong underneath.

Do I need to buy new underwear?

Yes.. and no. It depends what you've already got! I do however, think a boudoir photoshoot is an excellent excuse to treat yourself to some lovely new pieces and make you feel extra special!

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How much does a boudoir photoshoot cost?

My sessions are £65. This covers our pre-shoot consultation, your in depth prep guide, my time in the studio, the 1-2 hour long shoot, complimentary fizz, and your images retouching ready to view. This price does not include any images.

How much do the pictures cost?

The price of the images from your session depend on how you want your photos. By this I mean if you want them as prints/digital files/an album etc. You can see my boudoir price list here: Price List

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How long after the photoshoot until I see my images?

You'll be invited back to your "view and order" session usually 1-2 weeks after your session. This gives me time to select the best images from your session, edit them and get them ready for you to see. If you'd like to arrange a same day viewing, you must let me know in advance. After the shoot, you'll need to go off and get yourself some lunch whilst I get your images ready and come back to the studio for your viewing. For same day viewings, your images will not be edited.

I need my photos for an occasion - how far in advance should I book?

Ideally 6 weeks. This gives us time to schedule your shoot, viewing, and if you're opting for something like an album, it allows time for the production turnaround. If you've got less than 6 weeks until you need your photos, I highly recommend booking a same day viewing.

Do you edit the images?

I do. If you'd rather I didn't, thats fine, you'll just need to let me know. Following my prep guide helps ensure minimal editing time and speed up your image turnaround. But my cameras pick up every hair, every pore, every blemish. So as well as light adjustments, I will do a bit of skin smoothing and shape work if required to get rid of any lumps & bumps.

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Can my photos remain private?

Of course! I love it when my clients allow me to use their photos, but it's completely your decision. I will ask you about your image preferences, and if you'd prefer I use unrecognised photos, or only post them in my VIP group, that's absolutely fine.

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch. I also highly recommend joining my private facebook group. This is a VIP ladies only group for past/present/future clients. You can see real reviews from real women, see what questions other people are asking, and I'm often going live in the group to talk about all things boudoir.
You can find the group here: VIP Facebook Group

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