Valentines Day Boudoir Session

I had the gorgeous Elli in the studio at the end of January for her Valentines Day boudoir session. She had decided she wanted to do a boudoir shoot, both for herself, but also for her partner for Valentines Day.

I advised Elli to come in for her session as soon as possible to give me time to edit the images and also to leave time in case she wanted any physical products that could take time to order and arrive.

We had a fantastic session, with some gorgeous outfits and some
* S T U N N I N G * Louboutin heels. With Elli's beautifully thick dark hair and her tanned skin, she made for a brilliant model!

Elli had invited me to join her Pinterest board before the shoot and I noticed that we'd both pinned the same photo of a woman holding her bra by her side and all you could see were her bum/legs/heels. As soon as I saw that we'd both selected this photo I knew we had to include it in Elli's shoot. And I'm so glad we did! It ended up being one of our favourite shots.

Elli brought a friend with her to the viewing which I'm more than happy for my clients to do (so long as it's a positive and uplifting friend!). I know how much I personally struggle with making decisions so I am totally on board with clients bringing a friend or family member along for a second opinion.

Elli's friend was great, she was very funny, with one of my favourite things she said being "OMG I'm amazed at how... professional.. they look. I mean, I know you are a professional, I just didn't expect them to look THIS good" Haha...I'll take that!
She gave her opinion on various poses and crops, helped Elli to choose between images or encouraged her to just keep both!

In the end, Elli had a gorgeous selection of 20 stunning images which she took away on a USB stick there and then.

She'll be gifting them to her partner on valentines day and I'm 110% sure he's going to LOVE them!

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